PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The detours were put in place Friday but the real test comes Monday when the 10,000 people who ride “The T” every day begin their morning commutes.

Construction workers will be removing 480 feet of light rail track embedded in the concrete near the tunnel at South Hills Junction.

“First they have to dig up the concrete, replace the rail, and then repour the concrete,” said Adam Brandolph, a Port Authority spokesman.

This means inbound trains that normally use the tunnel will be detoured up the hill through Allentown and inbound commuters could face delays of up to 15 minutes or more. The outbound trains will continue to use the tunnel, but they also could be facing delays due to the construction.

Commuters are already putting plans in place to deal with the delays.

“I’ll set an earlier alarm, hopefully, I’ll get up earlier then I will arrive here, and then theoretically, I will arrive at work at the normal time,” said Liv Vigee, a commuter that takes the train.

Another commuter is used to possible delays.

“Just life on the T, it comes with the territory,” said Wayne Diggs.

For another, it’s just all part of being a train rider.

“It’s always a new experience on the T,” said Bri Pentuk.

Inbound passengers won’t be able to the “The T” directly to Station Square, they’re instructed to take the First Avenue stop, jump over to the outbound side and then catch the train back across the river.

Meanwhile, 5,000 bus riders will also be affected.

Buses that will not be using the transit tunnel or South Hills Junction include:

  • 39
  • 40
  • 41
  • 44
  • YI
  • Y45
  • Y46
  • Y47
  • Y47
    • The construction is expected to be finished by August 22.