PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In just a matter of weeks, Kennywood won’t be the only place to purchase Potato Patch fries anymore.

Heinz Field unveiled new food and vendor additions to the stadium for the 2019 season and it includes it’s own Potato Patch, where you can buy the Pittsburgh-famous fries with the same cheese and other condiments used at Kennywood.

Photo Credit: Jeff Roupe KDKA Photojournalist

The Potato Patch will be located in the FedEx Great Hall, which has a few new updated and upgrades including renovations to the interior of the hall.

Photo Credit: Jeff Roupe KDKA Photojournalist

In addition to new food options, there are new lights in place for the field surface that are mounted to the top of the stadium. The technology is set to improve lighting and entertainment for the games.

Meanwhile, updates to the Ticketmaster’s secure digital ticketing initiative are now in place.