ERIE (KDKA) — Erie officials have issued a warning about toxic water samples collected from 18 locations along Lake Erie.

The water samples exceed limits for dogs to safely be in the water according to the Erie County Department of Health’s website.

Health department officials say that aside from avoiding taking your dog in the water, a swimming advisory for people.

Officials say there are elevated levels of E. coli at Presque Isle Beach 1.

Lake Erie Beach Closed After 2nd Swimmer Goes Missing

Swimming is permitted but with the following precautions.

Avoid swallowing lake water; parents should monitor your children.

Wash your hands before handling food.

Avoid swimming if you have a compromised immune system, an open cut and/or wound, pregnant, or if you are currently experiencing an illness.

Minimize water contact if lake levels are high, heavy rains have just ended, or there are strong winds blowing from the west, as these conditions have been known to cause elevated E. coli levels.

The Erie County Department of Health’s website has more details about the 18 locations for pet owners to avoid.

Here are the locations they list on their map in Erie County:

Presque Isle State Park:

  • Vista 3
  • Sturgeon Bay
  • Ferry Slip
  • Marina
  • Niagara Boat Launch
  • Horseshoe Pond
  • Boater’s Beach
  • Perry Monument
  • Beach 11 (Zone 5)

Other Erie County Locations:

Avonia Beach

Freeport Beach

Lake Cliff (Lawrence Park) Boat Launch

Shades Beach

Walnut Creek

Erie Yacht Club

Eaton Reservoir

Smith Reservoir

Grahamville Reservoir