By Meghan Schiller

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (KDKA) — A wave of bullets struck three male victims as they sat on the front porch of a New Castle home late Tuesday night. The bullets shattered glass doors, windows and pierced the siding of two homes.

Homeowner Khalidah Harris said she works overnights and received a call from her neighbor just after 12 on Wednesday morning. Her neighbor told her someone “shot up” her house and that police rushed three victims to the hospital.

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    KDKA learned that police interviewed neighbors and the other teens and young adults that were on the front porch when the shooting happened.

    “You could have really hurt a lot of really young children and you weren’t thinking of anybody but yourself,” said Harris, when asked what she would say to the people who did this.

    She said her 20-year-old step-daughter watches the others when she’s at work. The gunmen targeted her stepdaughter’s boyfriend and he was struck five times. His two friends were also hit.

    “They said that eight people in ski masks and black clothing ran up from behind my house when they were on the porch and started shooting,” said Harris.

    She raced home to find her house surrounded by yellow crime tape.

    “I was wondering if my kids were still alive because I didn’t know what was going on I didn’t know what had happened,” said Harris.

    She said one of the victims will undergo surgery on Wednesday. The conditions and full names of the victims are not known.

    “My step-son covered my son so he wouldn’t get hit and they wouldn’t stop shooting until all the bullets were gone,” said Harris.

    Several stray bullets also pierced the siding of the next-door neighbor’s home. Jonathan Kordish said her two young girls are terrified.

    “I told them to get down,” said Kordish. “They were still sleeping and as soon as I told them to get down there was a bullet that came through one wall and went through the next wall.”

    New Castle Police is expected to release more information later Wednesday.

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Meghan Schiller