SALEM TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — One man is in intensive care after being jumped and beaten with a baseball bat in Salem Township.

According to State Police, Justin Hayden of Crabtree in Salem Township left his house around 12:30 Sunday morning along Route 119 when four people jumped him and one of them had a baseball bat.

Hayden, bloodied, was able to make his way to a friend’s house and was then transported to a local hospital where he is currently in the intensive care unit.

The four suspects immediately fled but a video camera nearby caught the license plate of the car they attempted to leave the scene in.

They were then taken into custody.

The question is – why did this happen?

“With the information we have right now, it just appears this person had walked out of their house, this group of people were driving by in a vehicle, swung into the parking lot where this individual was walking outside of his house to fix garbage and do some maintenance around his house and he was attacked by a group of four people with a baseball bat and beaten to the point of almost death,” said Trooper Steve Limani of the Pennsylvania State Police.

It appears to be a random attack, but investigators say they still have a lot of things to look at.

All four suspects, Sarah Miller, Matthew White, Devon Allen, and Treavor Green are all being held in the Westmoreland County Jail on charges of aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit assault.

Hayden is expected to survive.