By Bob Allen

PITSTBURGH (KDKA) – A violent attack on the South Side was caught on cell phone video, and a victim is saying she reported the attack to police but didn’t get the appropriate response.

The victim, a Pitt student, says she was with two men and a female when a man began screaming at them and using foul language.

“My one guy friend was picked up and thrown onto the ground,” the victim said.

“Six guys were on my other guy friend. He was just getting punched in the face. He had a busted lip, a busted eye. I think he had some bruising on his ribs.”

The victim, who KDKA will not identify, says her friend was trying to defend her when they were attacked by ten men.

She said she took out her phone to record the attack so she could take it to the police, and the next thing she knew, she was being thrown against a wall.

The victim says she suffered a bruised shoulder and the suspects ran away. She says they found several police officers a block and a half away and showed them the video.

Their response was not what she was expecting.

“We tried to go to the police and file a report, and they just brushed us off,” she said.

She says they even asked the officers to check the area for video cameras and were told there were none.

“They just didn’t care,” the victim said.

She says an officer asked, “Well, who wants to be the victim and file a report?”

She says she asked for the police officers’ cards so she could call them, but none of the officers gave them to her.

The woman says she is worried about her safety and this has changed her view of the South Side.

Since the initial night, a report was filed and the victims shared the video with Zone 3 police.

Police say they were able to identify several suspects involved in the incident, and warrants will soon be issued.