GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Authorities arrested one man in a door-to-door charity scam in Greensburg.

The City of Greensburg Police Department says Wade Taro, of Troy, Ohio, was arrested for soliciting funds for a company named Care Package Project. He is believed to have scammed $100.

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The company purports to send care packages to military members serving overseas.

Authorities said the organization is a for-profit company that was registered as an LLC in Wyoming.

Care Package Project was a charity that ceased operations in 2015, the police said.

A homeowner called the police when he suspected something questionable about Taro’s quest.

It was learned Taro did not have a permit to solicit in Greensburg, was never a veteran and did not have any official documentation from the Care Package Project.

Taro did have a criminal history.

“There were warrants issued for this individual,” Robert Stafford of the Greensburg Police said.

Taro’s Facebook page showed his efforts to try and raise $75,000 to summit Mount Everest, raising awareness for veterans with PTSD.

The fundraiser was shutdown.

Taro told the authorities there are six other members of the organization in the area soliciting funds, and they may have pamphlets or cards that appear legitimate.

If you were solicited or donated money, please call the Greensburg Police at 724-834-3800.