PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A man pleaded guilty to drug-related charges 2 years after 18 Pittsburgh SWAT officers were taken to the hospital while executing a search warrant.

Anthony Lozito, 40, pleaded guilty to two counts in federal court, United States Attorney Scott W. Brady announced Monday.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Lozito conspired to distribute and possessed with the intent to distribute cyclopropyl fentanyl, an analogue of fentanyl.

The report says another person bought large quantities of fentanyl analogues from oversees and distributed it through Western Pennsylvania.

When law enforcement officers executed a search warrant on Aug. 9, 2017 at Lozito’s house on Bond Street, Lozito and three others were arrested.

While SWAT officers were entering the home, a table with powder narcotics on it was flipped over and the powder became airborne.

Eighteen Pittsburgh SWAT officers were exposed and rushed to the hospital.

None of the officers were injured.

Another search warrant was executed at a different house, and a total of 235 grams of cyclopropyl fentanyl were seized in total.

Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 21, 2020.