PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There are many common aggravations we all share on a daily basis.

But making a fast climb to the top spot is the nuisance of robocalls and telemarketers.

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It was bad enough when they called home phones night and day. But now they’ve found cell phone numbers and there’s no escape.

Perhaps you thought you were immune after signing up for the ‘Do Not Call’ list.

“The current ‘Do Not Call’ list in Pennsylvania, you have to re-register every five years,” State Rep. Lori Mizgorski of Shaler said.

It’s part of the reason Rep. Mizgorski drew up a bill to amend the 1996 Telemarketer Registration Act.

Her bill received unanimous approval in both the Pennsylvania House and Senate and awaits Governor Tom Wolf’s signature.

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“Now with the new registration, you can register one time and it’s permanent,” Rep. Mizgorski said. “It will also extend the ‘Do Not Call’ list to businesses. On legal holidays, they won’t be able to do the phone calls or make the robocalls.”

The legislation will also require telemarketers and robocallers “to provide an opt-out at the beginning of the phone call.”

Rep. Mizgorski did note that the bill is for legal phone calls, not illegal phone calls that are generated overseas.

Earlier this summer, the FCC announced steps to go after those overseas calls, and Rep. Mizgorski hopes her bill can work in conjunction with the FCC’s steps.

“We can at least reduce these nuisance phone calls that we all receive every day,” Rep. Mizgorski said.

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You can sign up to be on the ‘Do Not Call’ list here.