By Pam Surano

AVALON (KDKA) — A vandal caused thousands of dollars worth of damage in Avalon after slashing multiple tires.

People woke up Thursday morning to find the tires on their cars slashed on Marie Avenue.

Six cars were impacted.

“I got ready to come to work, I get out here and get in my truck and realized that my tire is flat,” said Shawn Fenk.

Fenk works as a delivery driver, but there were no deliveries on Thursday.

“First thing I did was go in and tell the wife I was taking her car,” Fenk said. “So I put everything in her car and got in the car and realized her tire was flat also.”

It cost $700 for six new tires.

While he has insurance, Fenk missed a day’s pay.

Caranina Simonetti’s home security system caught the suspect on video.

“It really creeps me out that someone is on my car and property in the middle of the night,” Simonetti said.