PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The City of Pittsburgh is beginning a quest for missing or lost artifacts and records.

The City of Pittsburgh initiated a launch Tuesday to reclaim any missing records or artifacts. Several items were just returned to Pittsburgh last week by a family in North Carolina who are descendants of former Pittsburgh Recorder Adam Mercer Brown.

Nick Hartley, the City of Pittsburgh Archivist says, “It has become apparent that certain records have left the city over the years. Not through any malicious intent. Sometimes when people retire, they want to take momentos.”

The position of Mayor was not always called Mayor — the title was Recorder from 1901 until 1903.

Brown held the position for six months in 1901. Why only six months? That’s another story.

Multiple historic items were recovered from the Browns.

Pittsburgh has a rich and dynamic history, and now the city is asking if you or someone you know have records or other items to return them.

“Often Mayoral administrations will receive gifts and those gifts are really gifts to the city,” said Hartley.

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., you are invited to the fifth floor of the city-county building to see some of the historic documents and artifacts on display. The event is called “Doors Open Pittsburgh.”

In an effort to recover parts of the Steel City’s history, the city will offer amnesty to anyone who may have stolen items.