PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Steelers fans were not happy with the outcome of today’s game. Whether it was coaching, JuJu’s Smith-Schuster’s fumble or Mason Rudolph’s injury, fans leaving the game had opinions on what the Steeler have looked like so far this season.

The disappointment was evident as thousands of fans filed out of Heinz Field after a 26-23 overtime loss to the Ravens.

Mason Rudolph’s injury, however, was on the minds of most fans.

“Everybody in the audience just stopped,” said one fan. “There was panic and he didn’t move for so long. We were very concerned about that but he was able to stand on his own, wobbly, but everybody came and supported him.”

Fans didn’t think the hit Earl Thomas laid on Mason Rudolph wasn’t of the clean variety.

“I watched it again in slow motion, I think it was a dirty hit but given how fast everything’s moving, I’ll give Earl Thomas the benefit of the doubt,” another fan said.

While one fan was willing to give Thomas the benefit of the doubt, some weren’t so fast to be forgiving.

“You call a roughing the passer on us where we tackle Lamar Jackson in the legs, but then don’t kick a guy out when he goes perpendicular to the guy and takes him out of the game,” he said.

While KDKA works to learn the condition of Mason Rudolph today, the hit that he took in Sunday’s game had fans concerned and shocked.

“Ugly and terrifying, more than anything,” said Candace Vernille, a Steelers fan.

That’s because after the backup quarterback to Ben Roethlisberger was hit in the head and neck by Ravens Safety, Earl Thomas, he fell to the ground, and stayed there for several minutes.

“I think there should’ve been a flag immediately and an injection,” said Vernille.

“I was like, oh my god. Like specially with everybody out for the season, it was like, now this,” said Sequoia David, a Steelers fan.

Some of Rudolph’s teammates rushed over when it happened, and they helped him off the field.

He was taken to a local hospital and diagnosed with a concussion.

Backup Devlin Hodges then stepped in for Rudolph.

Fans tell KDKA, the NFL should look into the situation.

“You know, there’s such a big deal about CTE, and issues that quarterback and other football players face after their playing, this is one of those things. I just feel it should’ve been handled immediately,” said Vernille.

Meanwhile, others who proudly wear their black and gold, believe even though the Steelers are now one and four, there is time for them to bounce back.

“Listen, Steelers all the way. We’re gonna make it. So I have faith in our boys,” said Davis.