PITTSBURGH (KDKA)– Did you ever wonder what happens when you collect dryer lint from over 9,000 different communities across the country?

Dryer Vent Wizard gathered 690 pounds of lint to earn the Guinness World Records title for largest ball of lint.

(Source: Dryer Vent Wizard of Greater Pittsburgh)

This effort was made to raise awareness of fire safety of household appliances.

“Dryer vent safety is a serious home maintenance issue that needs to be addressed. This was a great way for us to help raise awareness for this important cause,” said Kirk Williams, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Greater Pittsburgh.

The Greater Pittsburgh company began collecting lint in April 2019 and it encouraged the other 94 franchises to do the same. Lint was collected from clients’ homes.

“Being able to participate in creating the world’s largest lint ball was an incredibly rewarding experience,” said Williams.

The mass was so big it had to be weighted on a construction crane. It was officially measured as 19 feet 6 inches in circumference and 4 feet 4 inches in height.

A crew set the world-record ball of lint on fire to show how the lack of proper maintenance shortens the life of an appliance and how it can bring severe consequences to the safety of the homeowners.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 15,970 dryers catch fire in the country, with failure to clean one of the leading factors of dryer fires in residential buildings.

Officials urge homeowners to hire a professional dry cleaner once a year to prevent these fires.