SIDNEY, Ohio (KDKA) – An Ohio K-9 is being celebrated as a hero after he found a missing 3-year-old in 10 minutes.

On Facebook, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in Shelby, Ohio shared the amazing story of Deputy Bleigh and K-9 Bandit.

The sheriff’s office says the pair were looking for a missing 3-year-old on Sidney Plattsville Road just before 1 p.m. Tuesday.

They started at the house, and within 10 minutes, the sheriff’s office says K-9 Bandit had located the toddler.

“This is exactly why we have dog units, watching this track you could tell very well that Bandit had the scent of the child and was well on his way to finding him,” the Facebook post reads.

The post also thanks Deputy Bleigh and K-9 Bandit for “a job well done.”