PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A special innovation summit opened in Pittsburgh at the Wyndham Grand on Friday afternoon.

It’s sponsored by a corporation that has had ties to Pittsburgh since the 1880s.

The summit is hosted by the local chapter of the Chinese Association for Science & Technology.

“We wanted to bring in world-class speakers to talk to us about the future of science and technology,” Susan Chang, president of the chapter told KDKA Money Editor Jon Delano. “And we’ve also invited competitors all over the United States to present their scientific projects.”

Part of that competition included students from China studying here, like Nina Tong from outside Shanghai getting her Ph.D. from Duquesne University and working on anti-cancer drugs.

“I love Pittsburgh very much,” Tong said. “It’s a very nice place.”

Jacob Guess, also at Duquesne, is focused on how the coating on pills react to light.

“When the light interacts with the Nifedipine, it just degrades so it isn’t doing what it’s intended to do,” Guess explained.

Delano: So it makes the medicine less effective?

Guess: Correct.

Westinghouse Electric Corporation, founded in Pittsburgh by George Westinghouse and now owned by CBS, is the title sponsor.

Lawrence Liding, who heads up CBS licensing in China, says it made sense to sponsor this event.

“Technology, innovation, STEM, that’s our DNA. That’s Westinghouse,” said Liding.

Simon Wang heads Westinghouse in China.

With Liding interpreting, KDKA asked Wang what he knew about George Westinghouse.

“He’s a genius, in short form,” Wang said through Liding. “He is not only a scientist. He is also a great industrialist.”

Amplifying that at the summit is Dr. Selena Lawrie, a descendant of Westinghouse.

Lawrie, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, is here in Pittsburgh for only the second time.

“When I flew into Pittsburgh today, I couldn’t help but it felt like home,” Dr. Lawrie said.

This unique innovation global summit will end Saturday morning with a number of speakers well-known in their fields, including Dr. Lawrie, the great-great-granddaughter of George Westinghouse.