PITTSBURG (KDKA) — From the first day the “Stronger Than Hate” symbol appeared on signs and t-shirts, it brought the people of Pittsburgh together during a difficult time.

Oct. 27 will mark one year since the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, where 11 people were killed.

Almost immediately, “Stronger Than Hate” signs appeared in store window fronts around the city.

Tim Hindes, a graphic designer, created the symbol, choosing that over a logo.

“I believe symbol has more meaning behind it,” Hindes said. “A logo, you are trying to influence branding, trying to inform a community, and a symbol is meant to stand for something.”

The symbol continues to mean something nearly a year later.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“Proud of how everyone reacted and trying to focus on whatever good could come from something so horrible,’ Karlie Hubbard said.

“There is no place for hate here,” said Martha Raak of Squirrel Hill.

Hindes said he did not create the words, but the word “strong” was in the back of his head.

With the symbol, he wanted to represent strength and compassion in the city, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jewish faith.

Hindes said he has not made a dime on this project.

All proceeds have been donated to anti-hate groups, the Jewish Foundation and his partnership with the Steelers.

“I’m a nobody and anyone can do this, anyone can use the skills and talent that they have for good.”