PITTSBURGH, Pa. (KDKA) – There was more security Thursday morning at Westinghouse High School after a frightening situation the other day involving students and a gun.

Pittsburgh Public Schools are making sure their students are safe inside and outside of the classroom.

They’re taking steps to stop what they call “community-based conflicts.”

One way they’re doing this is by working with community partners to help the emotional needs of students.

This is all in response to what happened on Tuesday, which put the high school on lockdown.

Vicky Young, who lives in Homewood, tells KDKA the whole situation was crazy.

KDKA learned from the district that a man with a gun threatened students.

They say it started with a fistfight between two students, but when that escalated, a man pulled up in a vehicle, stepped out and flashed a gun.

“It’s ridiculous, how can we live this way today,” says Vicky Young.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

“All this trouble we have here in the Homewood area and Pittsburgh, it’s terrible,” says Young.

In a statement, Superintendent Anthony Hamlet went as far to express the need to mentor their school leaders.

He said in part:

“We want to listen to our students to understand what they feel will more positively address the recent conflicts among their peers, and ensure Westinghouse continues to be a welcoming place for students.”

At this time, the man who flashed that gun has not been arrested.