DORMONT (KDKA) — Police officers are searching for the suspect in two recent robberies in Dormont.

Officials said the man in the photo is a suspect in a gas station robbery on Tuesday and a movie theater robbery on Wednesday.

(Photo Credit: Dormont Police/Facebook)

The man walked into the Hollywood Theater around 6 p.m. and approached 17-year-old Ian Spottiswood, who works at the theater’s ticket and concession counters.

“The guy walks in, walks really fast, has one hand in his pocket, slides a note on the counter and the next thing I know I’m giving him my money, very scary,” Spottiswood said.

Spottiswood said the note had instructions.

“You’re being robbed, don’t make any sudden movements,” Spottiswood said. “And then he said, ‘Give me everything in the register.'”

It was a quiet night at the theater, just a few customers and no other employees.

The robber also asked for Spottiswood’s cell phone for the time, and the police dusted the phone for prints.

Ian’s friend who has a job up the street came running over.

“You realize anything could happen at any time,” said Noah Goisse.

While there were no surveillance cameras inside the theater, there were at the Exxon on West Liberty Avenue.

The gas station caught a picture of the suspect.

Spittiswood said the man who robbed the gas station is the same man who robbed the theater.

“I had no idea what was in his pocket,” Spottiswood said. “All I know is his hand was in there, and this was the safest thing that could have happened.”

Contact the Dormont police at 412-561-8900 with any information.