By Chris Hoffman

BEECHVIEW (KDKA) — A fire hydrant broke and turned a Beechview hillside into a waterfall, sending debris and mud into the intersection of Banksville Road and Crane Avenue.

“I went to get my coffee at a quarter to seven, and I thought it was raining,” Frank Spagnolo said. “I looked out and the trees weren’t moving and the leaves weren’t getting wet.”

He lives at the corner of Wentworth Avenue and Belasco Avenue, the source of the broken fire hydrant. The water rushed across the street and down the hillside.

The hydrant sat across from Spagnolo’s house. Some of the water went into his basement.

“As soon as you go to the bottom of the steps, it’s all water. So, if you guys have a fishing pole, you could help me out here,” he jokingly told KDKA.

This is nothing new for Spagnolo. He has a water main in front of his house. It has broken in the past and sent water gushing into his basement.

“This is the first time the fire hydrant blew,” he said.

Spagnolo was able to stay in his home. He had damage to his cellar.

“It’s basically cellar things. Washer, dryer. I make wine,” he said with a smile, and made sure to say the wine wasn’t impacted.

Pennsylvania American Water said about 20 customer are without water. Their service is expected to return Saturday night. At this point, there is no word on what caused the hydrant to break.

Neighbors said their other utilities were not impacted.