By Bob Allen

BEAVER FALLS (KDKA) – It’s the new normal in downtown Beaver Falls: drivers have to back into a space when they park on Seventh Avenue. Some are already calling it the new nightmare.

“There has been a groundswell of negativity around here,” said business owner Bob Middleman.

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“When you’re backing up, seems like I’m always near this pole, worried about hitting it,” said resident Yogi Meyer. “I just think this is bad news.”

In the past, drivers pulled headfirst into a parking space. That’s now illegal, although some refuse to break old habits.

One resident blames the new parking configuration on the city of Beaver Falls and PennDOT.

“The reason it’s this way is because the city agreed to get money and funds from the state if they put it this way,” says resident Tim Mike.

Since Monday was a holiday, nobody was available in the Beaver Falls Municipal building to answer any questions KDKA’s Bob Allen had.

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“People are going to back up, they’re going to hit the trees, they’re going to hit the poles, they’re going to hit the light pole, so I don’t think it’s a good idea,” said Gerald Cogliano, also a resident.

In the meantime, drivers are trying to adjust, but backing and staying between white lines can be a challenge with the angle of the spots.

“(There’s) a problem with seeing the lines when I’m backing up. I had to adjust my rearview mirror,” said Tammy Justison.

In addition to the new parking lines, Beaver Falls also has new bike lanes, but no one seems to be happy about that either.

“It says it’s supposed to boom business, but then a bike line? I haven’t seen nobody on a bike yet,” said Mike Pope.

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But one business owner says he’s confident drivers will be able to adjust to the parking change soon.