PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Four people are facing charges after a Pittsburgh Police officer tried to pull over a vehicle in Knoxville.

Police tried to pull the vehicle over for traffic violations on Monday night.

The driver, identified as Ahmari Camp, allegedly wouldn’t pull over and ran into a home on Jucunda Street. He reportedly wouldn’t come out.

Another man inside the home allegedly brought a baby to the door as officers had their guns drawn.

Two others came to the scene and are accused of not listening to commands from police.

After about half an hour, police managed to detain all four.

Ahmari Camp faces several traffic violations and charges of fleeing the police and endangering the welfare of children.

Aaron Camp also faces child endangerment charges along with obstruction and resisting arrest.

Regina Camp is charged with obstruction and resisting arrest and Ahmir Camp will be charged via summons for disorderly content.