By Amy Wadas

CENTER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A teenager is facing charges after police say he was found with an airsoft gun on the campus of Beaver County Career and Technical Center in Monaca.

Center Township Police said they got the call from Beaver County CTC around 8 a.m. Tuesday. They arrived in minutes.

Police said the 16-year-old boy was in a car in the parking lot with the airsoft gun.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

According to police, some students spotted the teen holding the weapon. A student reported it to school authorities and that’s when police were called in.

“There were other subjects in the car with with him and they were waving the gun around in some kind of fashion. They were laughing. Two girls were beside them in a car and they said the gun was pointed in their direction,” Center Township Police Chief Barry Kramer said.

The teen was in class when he was taken into custody and will be facing multiple charges.

“They are very realistic looking, very close to exact detail. Airsoft generally puts an orange tip on the gun and this particular gun we seized had an orange tip painted black,” said Center Township Police Chief Barry Kramer.


The airsoft weapon was found in a backpack in the students’ car.

The school said they didn’t need to go on lockdown because of the quick response. Administrative Director David Wytiaz said the school just held a lockdown drill on Monday.

“The drill was if there was an intruder on campus and we went into lockdown mode, so the training just occurred yesterday so it was fresh in everyone’s minds,” said Wytiaz.

Wytiaz said parents will be notified of what happened.