ELIZABETH TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A woman in Elizabeth Township is asking for help because a newly installed traffic light has been shining directly through her bedroom window.

The portable red light is part of a construction project along Route 38 that started a week ago.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

PennDOT said they put the light up across from Laura McCarthy’s house so she can get in and out of her driveway safely.

The light is also glaring into McCarthy’s living and dining rooms.

“I’m a little angry,” McCarthy told KDKA on Tuesday. “We had to come home (last) Wednesday to find street lights aimed right into the house and there’s no off switch.”

PennDOT said the project will last into the summer of 2020.

McCarthy and her son want the light moved as soon as possible.

“It’s been interesting trying to sleep, trying to rearrange furniture and trying to find the best way to block this out,” McCarthy said. “But you can’t.”

McCarthy called the construction company for help, but she didn’t get far.

(Photo Credit: Jennifer Borrasso/KDKA)

“All I was told was I was a liability for this house,” McCarthy said.

PennDOT spokesperson Steve Cowan told KDKA the project manager is looking into the issue.

“We are trying to prop pillows up and hide your face,” McCarthy said. “I believe I will have to move down into the game room and sleep where there are no windows, just so I can make it through a workday. There is not much I can do.”