PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A disturbing social media video allegedly showing two men torturing a deer has prompted a response from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

In the video, the men appeared to be kicking and stepping on an injured deer. They were also laughing and pulling at its antlers.

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In a Facebook post, the Game Commission said it’s aware of the video purporting to show individuals assaulting an injured deer. The incident is currently being investigated by Pennsylvania State Game Wardens.

The Game Commission’s Chip Brunst said the videos surfaced Saturday night.

“Our dispatchers were getting call, after call, after call making sure that we knew about it,” he said. “We’ve known since last evening, probably around 8 or 9 o’clock.”

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Brunst said the Game Commission is in the very early phase of the investigation, but they believe they know both people in the video.

“We do have two suspects in mind, so far,” he said. “Indications are that one of them may be a juvenile.”

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The Game Commission told KDKA News the two individuals in the video are reportedly from Brookville, but that doesn’t mean the event happened in Brookville.

It is yet to be determined when and where it happened.

The incident falls under the jurisdiction of the Game Commission because wildlife was involved.

Hunting groups throughout Pennsylvania are also demanding answers.

Vice President of the Pennsylvania Hunting and Fishing Addicts group Bob Chase said those videos bring negative attention to an activity that already receives criticism.

“It’s not who we are as hunters,” he said. “It sickens me to find out that something like that gets out and a lot of people think ‘hey, this is what these guys do in the woods,’ and it’s not at all like that.”

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If you have any information related to the video, you are asked to report it to the Operation Game Thief Hotline at 1-888–PGC-8001 or the Game Commission’s Northwest Region Dispatch Office at 814-432-3187.