PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pittsburgh Steelers allegedly started it, but the team definitely finished it, beating the Cleveland Browns once again at Heinz Field.

With the loss, the Browns fall to 5-7 on the year, almost completely crushing the team’s playoff chances for another season. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh improves to 7-5 and continues to push forward amid numerous injuries and reserves in action in the playoff hunt.

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Some Cleveland fans did not take the loss well, specifically one who decided to vent his frustrations on social media. Joey Kinsley was so mad about the loss, he decided to jump into Lake Erie.

“Welp Browns’ season is over after another loss to the Steelers and a QB named after a duck. I’m so done with them I jumped into Lake Erie🤬”

“After all that hype, all that promise, all the talent that was assembled, it was all wasted,” Kinsley said. “We lost to the Steelers again! A third-string quarterback, undrafted, named after an animal that quacks…we playing Pig Jones next week? Moo Smith? We just got all the barn animals we are going to play and we are going to lose to them? I am so tired of the Browns wasting my life, wasting my time. I get dressed up and wear these stupid brown and orange colors, only for them to just waste it!”

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“I want to apologize about what I said about Freddie Kitchens yesterday, saying he was a good coach because he wore a shirt that said ‘Pittsburgh Started It.’ Well guess what? Pittsburgh finished it today!”