ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – Crews are on scene of a two-alarm fire at a Robinson Township apartment building.

“I woke up, couldn’t breathe, thought something smelled weird,” said Brendan Conklin, a Pittsburgh Technical College student.

Brendan Conklin says he’s doing okay but is shaken up after escaping thick smoke and flames inside his apartment.

“From what I know, it was in the living room. When I tried to open the door to the hallway, there was too much smoke I couldn’t get through. So I had to go out through the window,” said Conklin.

Conklin is one of about 220 Pittsburgh Technical College students who live inside the apartment building.

The blaze started on the 1000 block of Westpointe Drive in Robinson Township, near the Mall at Robinson.

Dispatchers say the building was evacuated as firefighters worked to contain the fire, which broke out around 5:45 a.m. Friday morning.

KDKA’s Lindsay Ward reports students of Pittsburgh Technical College live in the apartments. Soon after the fire started, around 5:40 this morning, everyone inside was evacuated. All of the students were moved to another building across the street.

A student who talked to Linday Ward says he alerted his neighbors and helped them evacuate the building. He says he knew the fire was a real threat and not a false alarm.

Students managed to grab their pets and evacuate.

“We have alternative housing for our students both on-site on the campus and additional housing in this commune as well,” said Alicia Harvey-Smith, Pittsburgh Technical College President.

There are 97 units in the building, and at least four of them are damaged by water and smoke.

Students said they alerted their neighbors.

“We went outside and went back in because our roommates were not out, and then we got them out of the building,” said Tyler Kline, Pittsburgh Technical College student.

(Photo Credit: KDKA’s Lindsay Ward)

The fire marshal is on scene to investigate the cause of the fire. At least four units sustained smoke and water damage.

The president of Pittsburgh Technical College says out of the 200 students who live in the building, none were seriously injured. One student did hurt their ankle. Another was injured.

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