BETHEL PARK, Pa. (KDKA) – Investigators from Lincoln County Nevada are headed back Sunday after spending the past few days piecing together the death of 33-year-old Jaime Feden. She was found dead in the Nevada desert in November.

On Sunday, they said homicide charges should be filed against 39-year-old John Chapman.

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(Source: Allegheny County)

“Yes,” Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff Mike Ray said inside the hotel he was staying in. “That is going to happen in our jurisdiction.”

Ray and Sergeant Derek Foremaster spent the weekend talking with the Bethel Park Police Department and Feden’s family. They planned to talk with Chapman’s wife, but she was out of town.Now, they don’t need to speak with her.

The deputies also visited Feden’s townhouse and the vehicle Chapman is accused of using to take Feden out to the Nevada desert.

(Source: Bethel Park Police)

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“It was just more of an opportunity for us to be part of the investigation and to actually be there,” Ray told KDKA.

He said they didn’t uncover any groundbreaking evidence, but this provided an opportunity to see the scene in person as opposed to a picture or a written report. They were able to learn a little bit more of the “fairly long” relationship Chapman had with Feden.

“When we first got here we had A and Z,” Ray said. “Now we can see the entire alphabet and that’s what this trip has done for us.”

Ray was not able to provide an exact timeline of events, but he said it was about two weeks between Feden leaving Bethel Park and being found in the desert. Investigators believe she was in the desert for about 10 of those days.

Now, those investigators will take the information they learned here and put it into a report over the next week to hand over to their district attorney’s office. There is no timetable on when charges could be filed.

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According to Ray, if Chapman is charged, he would have to be extradited to Nevada to face those charges.