PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An enthusiastic crowd of Pittsburghers, belonging to the Economic Justice Circle say their voice matters.

“Everybody is paying taxes, and none of us really know where our tax dollars are going,” said Ronell Guy, Pittsburgh Union of Regional Renters.

They want budget equity and transparency from the city on a variety of issues.

For Barb Warwick, it’s about the Mon-Oakland Connector or MOC. A multi-million dollar project involving autonomous shuttles and a road that would go through her neighborhood of Four Mile Run.

She says it’s something her community does not need.

“What the run needs is flood relief. With every heavy rain, water fills our streets and our homes. Manhole covers blow into the air. People have been trapped on top of their cars. And for a decade, the city has done nothing,” said Barb Warwick, from Four Mile Run.

The MOC would also impact people in Hazelwood.

People there say they do have transportation needs, but new shuttles aren’t the answer.

“We need the city to put flashing lights on 2nd avenue, and signs to slow down the cars that come down our busy district,” said a Hazelwood resident.

Some even addressed other issues in Hazelwood, such as the need for better streets and sidewalks, commenting it’s not safe for their children.

“Lots of our sidewalks are cracked or missing.”