HOMESTEAD (KDKA) — In the basement of the Park Place African Methodist Episcopal Church in Homestead.

“Our purpose in life is to recognize what we have, but realize and recognize what other people don’t have,” said organizer, Joe McCain.

People are walking away with more than a box of food for their family.

“People from all different cultures, nationalities, genders are coming together to get their fellowship,” said McCain.

Joe McCain created the “Basket of Love” giveaway seven years ago.

But his desire to give goes back much further and starts with bags of hats and gloves instead of boxes of fruits and vegetables.

“I would gather gloves, socks and hats at the end of the wintertime, and I would just fill my car up and store them up in my garage and fill up my car and then pass them out for the whole entire Winter.”

“It means so much like I know some people who aren’t as fortunate, so to be able to give is great,” said volunteer, Mariah Benjamin.

Each box provides enough food for a family of four for seven days.

McCain says they expect to help over 3,800 families.