PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A former PWSA employee is suing the company because he claims he was fired for using medical marijuana.

According to the complaint, Terrence Suber was fired from Pittsburgh Sewer and Water Authority in July after he was selected for a random drug test and traces of marijuana were found in his system.

Suber — who worked a desk job — was diagnosed with PTSD, which is approved to be treated under the Medical Marijuana Act. He tried to show PWSA his medical marijuana card, but the complaint says he was fired anyway.

After being fired, the paperwork says he “was made to feel like he was being shamed for using legal drugs to treat his PTSD.”

“He witnessed someone being murdered, and he has trouble sleeping,” Suber’s attorney Samuel Dion said. “He has night tremors.”

Dion has handled similar cases in Pennsylvania because he says employers don’t understand the state’s medical marijuana law.

The complaint alleges a violation of a clear mandate of public policy and says PWSA had no right to fire him.

“They’re not familiar with the law, which very clearly states that you cannot terminate someone simply for using medical marijuana,” Dion said.

The PSWA is being sued for more than $50,00, and the organization decided to comment on a pending lawsuit.

While this is going on, city government is grappling with medical marijuana laws, too.

Pittsburgh firefighters and EMT’s are allowed to use medical marijuana, but there is no policy for the police.

One officer who tested positive remains on desk duty until the city determines a policy.