LAWRENCE COUNTY (KDKA) — Officials say they rescued skinny and malnourished dogs living in kennels covered in feces from a home in Lawrence County.

It all started with a welfare check on the animals after neighbors kept complaining about the home along Marr Road in Mahoning Township.

(Photo Credit: Meghan Schiller/Twitter)

On Friday, humane investigators removed eight dogs, with most of them appearing to be pure-bred Boxers.

A neighbor told KDKA the dogs stayed outside in a shed-like structure that had a small run area.

Investigators also seized five cats and one lizard.

Officers found the animals in what they’re calling “unfit living conditions.”

“We came out to investigate and once we got on scene, we did find several animals that were very malnourished, skinny, bones were showing, living in kennels that were covered in feces,” Mahoning Township Police Department Chief Bob Sipe said.

The homeowner surrendered the animals over, and KDKA is not yet naming her because police say charges are pending.

One neighbor said she would toss the dogs leftovers and scraps because she feared they looked too skinny and were standing in feces.

Officials are waiting to hear back from the veterinarian to figure out what charges are appropriate.

Meghan Schiller