PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Police have sent out a summons for a local woman after she posted a picture of a police officer and detective in court to Facebook, which led to death threats being issued against the officer.

30-year-old Je’Nauba Lipford posted a photo of a detective and officer sitting inside of a courtroom in the Pittsburgh Municipal Court building on 660 First Avenue on Dec. 2. She posted the photo to Facebook with the caption “This Delusional *expletive Cop Can Kiss My *expletive ?? *expletive 12 I’ll Pick 12…I’m Taking It To Trial & I Getting All These Charges Dropped” with various emojis.

Lipford was in the courthouse for an ongoing criminal investigation against her. The officer she referenced had arrested her.

In Facebook Messanger, Lipford discussed the officer with three other Facebook users. One of them sent the message “somebody really need to off dat *expletive…”. Police records indicated that “the threat for death [was] obvious”.

The actual date when the photo was taken was months prior. Lipford, the officer and the detective had been at a morning hearing on June 13, 2019.

It is illegal to use a cellphone while in a courtroom. The police records noted that there are also multiple signs in the courtroom to remind people and that Allegheny County Sheriffs verbally announce that as well.

The Facebook post has since been taken down.

A summons and fingerprint order was issued for Lipford on Jan. 10. Pittsburgh Police indicated in their report that they want to charge Lipford with unlawful use of an audio or video device in court.