WHITE OAK (KDKA) — On Friday morning, Humane Animal Rescue removed 19 cats and kittens from a home in White Oak.

The rescue took place after they received reports of the cats living in deplorable conditions. When the Humane Animal Rescue arrived at the home, they found the home covered in debris, cat feces, and several of the cats were suffering from hair loss and infected eyes.

When the complaint was received, there was no confirmation if the cats had been fed or if the home had running water.

Officers removed the cats from the first floor of the home, including a mother cat with three kittens that were in a dresser drawer. They also found once kitten dead when they arrived.

Photo Credit: Humane Animal Rescue

The cats are currently at the Humane Animal Rescue’s East End Campus where they are being evaluated by the medical team. They are also being treated for ear mites, gingivitis, being underweight, dehydration, and upper respiratory infections.

Each of the cats received vaccinations upon their arrival.

They will be cared for until they are cleared for adoption.