(CNN) — Does it seem like recording artists are getting younger and younger?

It’s not your imagination. Earlier this month, Billie Eilish became the youngest artist to write and perform a James Bond theme song. But now Eilish, a teen, might have some competition from the diaper set.

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Meet Baby Ryan, the cutest li’l nugget you ever did see, whose father, Matt MacMillan had the genius idea of recording his baby sounds for a year and arranging them into “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.

Just look at those two little tooth nubs!

“It took forever,” writes MacMillan, beneath a video explaining how he put the track together.

MacMillan had more than 80 clips to pull from, selecting first the percussive ones — sounds like thumps, coughs, the shake of a rattle. He then sorted the remaining clips by pitch.

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Turns out, the baby has range.

But MacMillan’s work wasn’t done yet. He found the corresponding note for each sound clip of Baby Ryan, as well as the notes in “Thunderstruck.” From there, it was just a matter of piecing it all together.

A sneeze became the crash of cymbals. Thumps on the sofa became the thud of a bass drum. His little hands slapping the floor while crawling? They became the sound of the snare drum.

Add Baby Ryan’s whines and coos layered on top, and you got a remarkable rendition of an AC/DC classic.

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