PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Today marks Holocaust Remembrance Day, the day an estimated 1 million people who were killed at Auschwitz are honored.

Seventy-five years after the liberation, the relatives of those killed want people to remember what happened.

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At the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, they aim to educate every single day.

But on this Holocaust Remembrance Day, they’re actively judging artwork by high school students across the area.

Sculptures, collages of Tree of Life headlines and colorfully painted butterflies are all creative ways artwork is being used to remember the Holocaust.

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“This is a very important anniversary for the world and for humankind,” Jake Jacobson said.

Jacobson sits on the board for Pittsburgh’s Holocaust Center, nestled in the Squirrel Hill Plaza along Hazlewood Avenue.

He says on Holocaust Remembrance Day, we mark the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and solidify this message.

“This is a message that goes well beyond the Jewish experience,” Jacobson said. “The injustice that was done to the Jews has been done to other people. In fact, in Auschwitz, it wasn’t just Jews that were killed. It was homosexuals and Romani and many other prisoners were also killed there. So the lesson is for all humankind when you see injustice, it’s important to stand up and to speak up.”

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Jacobson hopes this center honors the millions killed at the hands of the Nazi regime and helps in the fight against the rising renewed threat of antisemitism, racism and hate.

Meghan Schiller