By Jon Delano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — People in Iowa are holding caucuses all across the state.

The Iowa caucuses are one of the subjects as we go ÔÇťAround the Table” with KDKA’s Stacy Smith and Jon Delano.

What happens on Monday night could give a major boost to some candidates and raise red flags for others.

“It’s first,” Delano said. “It’s a crazy system. They don’t just vote by secret ballots. It’s very public. … They stand in corners.

“If they don’t get 15 percent of the whole group, they go into the middle and start shouting, ‘Come to my corner, join us.'”

The first primary is in New Hampshire, and a candidate can get a significant boost if you look at the results from New Hampshire and Iowa.

“A candidate who comes out of Iowa and New Hampshire out on top of both gets a real boost,” Delano said.