By Stacy Smith

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It was not quite the night the Democratic candidates for president were expecting.

They left Iowa either last night or this morning not knowing who won the caucuses.

They are now campaigning in New Hampshire, which holds the nation’s first primary vote a week from Tuesday.

What happened in Iowa, and what happens next, is the topic in “Around The Table, Campaign 2020.

Joining KDKA’s Stacy Smith around the table is Tom Corbett, a former Republican Governor of Pennsylvania.

As we go around the table, we find two Democrats, which is appropriate since it is their party that is trying to choose a nominee to run against President Donald Trump in the fall.

We find Former Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn and Joe Mistick, who teaches law at Duquesne and has a solid background in local and state politics, including advising candidates and serving as deputy mayor of Pittsburgh.

Let’s talk about Iowa.

Instead of talking about a winner, everyone is talking about what a fiasco it became.

“How can you trust a party that can’t even count,” Burn said.

“I was watching it last night with fascination. … That was chaos, and not controlled chaos,” Corbett said.

“It was a disaster. The good news is that it might finally mark the end of using the Iowa caucuses,” Mistick said.

In the latest average of polls in New Hampshire, as compiled by Real Clear Politics, Bernie Sanders has a substantial lead.

How much momentum does he have now?

“He’ll have a good night,” Burn said.