PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — When you pick up an item at the store, you might not always look at the nutrition label.

“There are some people who have to look at the label because they may have health issues. Maybe it’s diabetes or a heart disease so there may be something in that label they need to keep track of,” said Leslie Bonci, a registered dietitian.

The labels break down what’s in your product, but it’s not always easy to understand.

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The FDA has added some new requirements, starting this year.

“So in some cases, when it’s a bottle or bag, it will show what the serving is compared to what the bag is so you can decide, ‘Do I want to have that or not?” Bonci said.

The reason behind the changes is to give the consumer an accurate reflection of what and how much you are eating.

“I think the more we know, the better we do, does it always translate to us eating less? No, but at least we are aware of it and start that journey,” Bonci said.

Other changes include the elimination of Vitamins C and A with the addition of Potassium and Vitamin D.

Doctors said that’s because Americans are more likely to have a deficiency in Vitamin D. Plus you’ll now see a breakdown in sugars.

“When it’s added sugar, it’s sugar added to the cereal or sweetener added to a beverage. Those are the things that are the problem because most of us eat too many of them,” Bonci said.

While the FDA already implemented the new requirements, they are working with manufacturers in the first six months before they start enforcing the changes.