ETNA, Pa. (KDKA) – A 9-month-old baby was injured after a tree crashed through a window following a landslide in Etna.

Residents said the hillside came down shortly after 6 p.m. during a landslide on the 200 block of Butler Street on Wednesday.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

A young family was evacuated shortly after the hillside crashed into the back of their apartment building.

The baby was in his crib when dirt and a tree came crashing down.

The child is expected to be OK.

“A big tree came through, and he was right below the window,” the baby’s mother, Victoria Monahan said. “We’re just lucky he’s not missing an eye.”

The red-brick apartment in Etna was deemed unsafe and firefighters had to get everyone out.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“The whole building shook,” resident Erik Okland said. “It was loud. I thought maybe a truck ran into the building or a semi or something or an accident.”

“Right now, we have 10 people that are displaced out of six apartments, Red Cross is notified,” Etna Fire Department Assistant Chief Todd Lunn said. “My firemen are working to move them to a local church.”

Residents say this isn’t the first time dirt and trees have fallen onto the building.

KDKA’s Nicole Ford Reports:


Jeffry Ober over lost everything when it happened back in 2015.

“My apartment got destroyed,” Ober said.

Code enforcement officials are expected to be on the scene on Thursday.