By Ray Petelin

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Leap Day occurs Saturday.

This is the extra day we get almost every 4 years to make up for the Earth’s slightly more than 365 day trip around the sun.

You can learn more about how Leap year works by clicking here.

Since Leap Day happens every four years, we don’t have as much February 29th weather data as we do for all the other days of the year.

With that being the case, I thought we should take a look at how Leap Day weather statistically treats Pittsburgh.

The warmest temperature a February 29th has had was 68°, in 1976.

The coldest Leap Day was in 1884, when Pittsburgh’s temperature dipped to -3°. On Leap Day, it snows 22% of the time.

The most was 4.6” in 1984. For the forecast for Leap Day 2020, stop by our weather section here.