(CBS Local)– Our Cartoon President” is in season three on Showtime and executive producer R.J. Fried and his team are reacting to all of the political news in real team on the show.

While the series began with President Trump and the people that were with him in the White House as the focus, the race for the Democratic nominee gives Fried the opportunity to introduce several new characters to the program.

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“The world has gotten so much bigger and we have all these new wonderful Democratic characters,” said Fried in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “We’ve been honing in on what makes them interesting, flawed, and wonderful. Not only is it refreshing creatively to have all this new material to play with, but I think also the audience gets to see the world expand so much this season. The hard part has just been keeping up with it all.”

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Fried says the toughest part of the gig is adapting to things that happen unexpectedly like when Bernie Sanders got a heart attack or when former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg entered the race.

“We are adjusting all the time,” said Fried. “Jeff Bergman who plays Trump and Biden is just an absolute genius at mimicry. We’ve even played a voice for him and he can imitate it. He has a library of hundreds of voices he does. There are some characters where we try to go close to their voice and some characters where we’re playing with an exaggeration of what they really sound like… If Bernie Sanders is our next cartoon president, it would be great.”

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A new episode of the show premieres Sunday, March 1 at 8:30pm EST/PST on Showtime.