PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In just 72 hours, the race for the Democratic presidential nomination was turned upside down.

Joe Biden had a stunning comeback, beginning on Saturday in South Carolina, which carried through Super Tuesday.

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It has now become a contest once again, and Pennsylvania could become a key player in deciding the Democratic nominee.

Let us go “Around The Table – Campaign 2020.”

Joining KDKA’s Stacy Smith to discuss is Jim Burn, the former chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

And on the other side of the table is former Republican Governor and State Attorney General Tom Corbett.

Between now and the Pennsylvania primary on April 28, Democrats in 16 more states will cast their ballots.

That is not enough to secure the nomination.

So is Pennsylvania now a “must-win” state with its 186 delegates?

“It’s always been important, and it will be this time,” Burn said. “Bernie (Sanders) said he is going to stay in this and continue to campaign.”

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The latest polling for Pennsylvania, conducted nearly two weeks ago, had Biden with a very small lead.

Does Biden’s performance on Super Tuesday guarantee him the nomination?

“It doesn’t guarantee it, at this point. This is a snapshot of a moving picture that seems to be changing course,” Burn said.

“I expect it at this point to be Biden,” Corbett said. “But anything can happen.

“With these other candidates being out … It allows him to get more money. It allows him to make those visits.”

If it is Biden as the nominee, what impact will this have on the down-ballot, the congressional races and state legislative contests?

“In the past years, everybody could go in and push the Republican or Democratic lever. The state changed that this year. You are going to have to go in and vote individually. There has always been a drop-off,” Corbett said.

The next debate is 11 days away.

How crucial is this next debate?

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“It’s very important right now,” Burn said. Can he maintain that energy?”