PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Rarely do you have one week that could have such an impact on who the next president might be.

First, the stunning victories by Joe Biden in the Super Tuesday primaries, catapulting him into the lead for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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Second, the coronavirus is spreading and more deaths are reported.

And third, mainly because of the virus, the stock market has tumbled because of the possible impact on the economy.

Those last two points, the spread of the virus and its impact on the economy have some questioning whether it makes President Donald Trump more vulnerable in the fall.

And, to top it all off, Democrats in six states go to the polls on Tuesday as it has come down to a two-man race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

That and will be discussed as we go “Around The Table – Campaign 2020.”

Joining KDKA’s Stacy Smith is former Republican Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Corbett and Jim Burn, who served as the Democratic state party chairman for five years.

There are six states that have primaries on Tuesday.

In total, there are 352 delegates up for grabs and 80 percent of those delegates are in three states: Michigan, Missouri and Washington.

Joe Biden has the lead in delegates, 664 to Bernie Sanders’ 573.

So, with the experience both of you have, does Biden’s surge continue?

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“You would expect that it would,” Burn said. “Momentum brings momentum.”

“Bernie has to be pushing his efforts to get those young people out,” Corbett said.

The decision by both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar to drop out and endorse Biden helped him last week.

But what about Warren’s decision to drop out?

“I suspect many of those progressive-oriented Warren supporters will move over to Sanders,” Burn said.

Let’s move on and take a broader look at what is happening.

The coronavirus outbreak that is happening now. Will it impact President Trump’s reelection chances in the fall?

“Executives will be judged on how they do in a crisis,” Burn said.

Pres. Trump has boasted about the stock market ever since he took office.

The past two weeks have been extremely volatile.

Should the president be worried?

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“It’s going to be more difficult for him. We always said if something happens to the economy, it’s going to be harder to get reelected,” Corbett said.