PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill may be the lifeline thousands of small businesses need.

Pete Notarangelo’s Deli on North Avenue is just scraping by, with business down 30 percent and half his employees laid off.

“It’s hit us pretty hard and the longer it goes on, the harder it’s going to be,” Notarangelo said.

But the multi-trillion-dollar stimulus package is offering some relief for small businesses.

The bill sets aside $350 billion dollars for loans of up to eight weeks that businesses will not have to pay back if they don’t layoff employees or hire back employees they already have laid off by June.

“A loan like that would be great to help us get through this period and to move forward,” Notarangelo said.

The bill may not be so great for sidelined workers, who may qualify for direct checks of $1,200.

Unemployed mechanic Jessie Hildebrand says it’s OK for him but worries about working families.

“It’s enough to put food in my mouth, feed my dog. If you’re out of work and have three kids … it might not go very far,” Hildebrand said.

But in total, the bill offers a good deal of hope for service businesses and their employees during this dark period.