PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – I am working and reporting from home on what it’s like with the kids home from school, and I’ve seen how creative people are getting with ways to keep kids and families active.

Many kids are used to doing sports or at least the regular movement of walking around at school, and when you’re stuck at home all day, you can get very sedentary.

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I’ve seen kids playing improvised tennis in their driveway, and kids can even practicing soccer alone by fine-tuning their footwork. My oldest daughter and her friend found some free workout videos online, and she and her friend are facetiming while they do them together, and next week, her dance classes are starting live classes online that she’ll do at home.

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Our neighbors took the workout outside where there’s a lot more space… playing music while they exercised. several people walking by said they wanted to join in… this might be a new thing — outdoor exercise classes!

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And it’s the dogs who seem to be getting the most exercise with people walking their dogs more than ever before. Of course, it’s great for the people and great for the dogs too. We’ll be joining them soon. We get a new puppy tomorrow — a mini-goldendoodle we’re naming “Rosie”.