NEW KENSINGTON (KDKA) – The roof of St. Mary Częstochowa Catholic Church in New Kensington was partially ripped off due to the heavy winds overnight.

For members of St. Mary’s Church on Kenneth Avenue, the scene is devastating.

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“The roof of the church is blown off, and I said, ‘you gotta be kidding me,’” said parishioner David Rejniak.

That roof now sits crumpled on the road, along with the many pieces of debris.

It’s something that came as a shock.

“When I heard the wind blowing in the night, I thought ‘oh, Lord, protect everyone in New Kensington’ because it really sounded like a train,” said Monsignor Michael Begolly.

The timing of this even more painful. With it being Holy Week, now is usually a busy time.

“It is Easter coming up. Despite the tragedy, we still have to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection,” said Begolly.

According to the New Kensington Fire Department, they received over ten calls for their five city-wide companies.

All five companies responded to the call at St. Mary’s and firefighters worked to deploy salvage covers inside and make sure the utilities were controlled.

Photo Credit: KDKA Newschopper 2/Ian Smith

And the damage done by the intense winds overnight carried into downtown New Kensington. Firefighters said St. Mary’s was just one of many structures around New Kensington assessed for wind damage.

Now in New Ken, clean-up has begun. But as for the structural integrity of the church, an engineer will be coming in.

In other areas, there was also heavy damage as the storm rolled through overnight.

One viewer sent us a picture of a Jeep that turned over in Mt. Pleasant due to heavy winds and rain.

Photo Credit: Sherry Spataro

Two homes in Robinson Township had their driveways blocked due to downed trees, according to KDKA’s Lisa Washington.

One of the trees snapped and another was uprooted as a result of the high winds.

The homes are located S. Petrie Road in Robinson Township and the owner of one of the homes told KDKA’s Lisa Washington that he is a healthcare worker at a local hospital and is unsure how he is going to be able to get to work this morning.

WATCH: Lisa Washington Reports on Storm Damage In Robinson Township

In a strange twist, the owners of the two homes recently put up new mailboxes and somehow, the downed trees missed the mailboxes and they are still standing.

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Photo Credit: KDKA’s Lisa Washington

Ellwood City also saw damage from heavy winds.

Wind and debris blew out the windows of the storefront of New Dimension Comics along Lawrence Avenue.

Photo Credit: KDKA Morning News

A large, downed tree in Marshall Township blocked Pittsburgh-Rochester Road in both directions early Wednesday morning as one viewer alerted us to.

Photo Credit Stephen Sekelik

A viewer from West Deer Township woke up this morning to find their backyard trampoline in their front yard and into the back of their car.

Photo Credit: Ron Petrosky

A home in Ligonier was hit by a fallen tree, as captured by KDKA Photographer Ken Murray.

Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Ken Murray

KDKA’s Newschopper 2 was able to capture some storm damage from a Mt. Pleasant mobile home on Laurel View Lane near the airport.

Photo Credit: KDKA Newschopper 2/Ian Smith

A home along Carl Avenue was also damaged in New Kensington. A large tree was uprooted and fell onto the home.

Photo Credit: KDKA Newschopper 2/Ian Smith

Ellwood City also reported more damage, as one viewer alerted us to a tree into a home.

Photo Credit: Phillip Labor

The same occurred in Hampton Township when an uprooted tree fell into the yard of a home, causing some damage to the home itself.

Photo Credit: John Marshall

Along with damages to homes, sheds also took a hit, including one in South Beaver.

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Photo Credit: Jenny Goehering