HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) — For 10-year old Danica Hiltz, celebrating her birthday while socially distancing was a difficult concept for her to understand.

Brad and Deanna Hiltz say that their daughter Danica loves hugging and seeing her friends in school. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a traditional birthday celebration wasn’t in the cards — but Brad and Deanna, with the help of area neighbors, had other things in mind.

Friends from school as well as neighbors from the area made a small parade and drove by their house in Hopewell to help make her day special.

Hugs thrown through the air were sent Danica’s way, signs were waved from the cars, and the sounds of ‘Happy Birthday’ being sung were heard across the streets.

Brad and Deanna say that een though we were not able to provide their daughter with a traditional birthday party where she could invite her classmates and friends, this will always be a memorable moment in their lives.