PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – New information comes so fast every day that it’s hard to keep up with the news.

This is especially true on social media.

It’s become difficult to tell what’s true and what’s not, especially from the anti-vaccine movement.

“More recent efforts are really well produced, and they take enough pieces of science and then spin a little bit of conspiracy in there to make you think that, you know, Tony Fauci is trying to plan this pandemic so that he profits from it, that things like that,” said Dr. Todd Wolynn CEO of Kids Plus Pediatrics.

Misinformation like this is what Dr. Wolynn is trying to fight through his nonprofit “Shots Heard ‘Round The World.”

For years, he’s spoken nationally about the safety of standard vaccines for illnesses such as measles, which can and has returned if enough people are not vaccinated.

“The diseases that we’ve taken for granted that were pretty well controlled are only a few percentage points away from reemerging if we lose enough herd immunity,” he explained.

Dr. Woylnn wants people to counteract the misinformation, so when a coronavirus vaccine is hopefully developed, enough people will get it.

He knows this can be hard because he became the target of the anti-vaccine movement.

However, with the virus affecting people’s lives and livelihoods, he says it’s more important now than ever.

“What we’re asking more and more health professionals, physicians, public health officials, and researchers is to speak up so that you have a voice,” he said.

Dr. Woylnn explained that if you read anything about vaccines, be sure to check the source to see that it is reputable.

He added if you have any questions regarding vaccines, ask your doctor.

Kristine Sorensen