WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) — Police say a man in Westmoreland County threatened to set his girlfriend’s garden on fire and then chased her with a hatchet.

Over the weekend, things on Allegheny Avenue in Unity Township got tense as state police say 39-year-old Joshua Poole threatened to attack his girlfriend with a hatchet.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“It doesn’t even make sense right now,” neighbor Robert Guzik said. “The lady who lives here is a very nice woman.”

According to court records, an allegedly intoxicated Poole got angry at the victim over a bicycle.

Poole grabbed a gallon of gasoline and threatened to set the garden on fire.

Poole, who neighbors say has been living with the victim for a year, then grabbed a hatchet and threatened to break the victim’s car windows. He then went after the woman with the hatchet.

The victim had to run for safety.

According to the victim and investigators, Poole then allegedly took off into some nearby woods.

Poole didn’t get far as law enforcement arrested him at the intersection of Don and Unity streets.

Guzik said he feels terrible for the victim, but he’s happy police caught up with Poole.

“Someone lays hands on a woman, I’m thinking I’m going to have to cross that driveway. I’m also fearful he’s going to be lighting things on fire. This is my house next door also. I don’t want that element in my neighborhood,” Guzik said.

Poole faces multiple counts, including felony aggravated assault.