HARRISBURG (KDKA) – Gov. Tom Wolf will not make an announcement today about a potential new order that would impact restaurants and bars.

Leaders from Beaver, Westmoreland, Washington and Butler counties got the call on Tuesday that an announcement would be made about targeted mitigation efforts.

“We go by the motto, prepare for the worst, hope for the best,” said Manny Williams, who manages Freedom Square Diner.

Williams said he was told Butler County will have to shut down indoor dining after the state issues a new order, but there’s still no official word from the state.

“You can’t have a press conference at six, seven, or eight o’clock at night and tell people they have to shut down the next day. Where is the forewarning? Where is the respect for the small business owners or the families that depend on this?” Williams said.

These expected changes are coming out of phone calls Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine had with leaders from Butler, Beaver, Washington and Westmoreland counties on Tuesday.

“They threw us a little curveball saying they wanted to put an order in place that would limit indoor dining only, that’s all we were told,” said Beaver County Commissioner Daniel Camp.

Camp told KDKA no specifics were provided except that the new order would include four counties and could limit the number of people allowed to gather. He like many residents are waiting for an announcement.

“Indoor gatherings, outdoor gatherings, it hasn’t been clear. We’ve had a number of people reach out to us, individuals who have cancelled their weddings in March or April and are having them this weekend. They need to let their vendors know,” Camp said.

While each of these counties do have rising coronavirus case numbers, Camp said the state needs a better plan.

“There has to be light at the end of the tunnel, we can’t continue to make up new rules as we go on. They need to put something in place and they need to enforce it,” Camp said.

The Governor’s Office said no announcement would be made on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the PA Department of Health released the following statement after KDKA inquired about the new order:


“Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is essential to protecting the health of Pennsylvanians. We are continually monitoring what is happening in Southwest Pennsylvania and are in communication with local officials to keep them up to date as to changes happening in their areas. Even small case increases are concerning and are being watched very carefully. We are prepared to take action as necessary to protect residents from the spread of COVID-19 and prevent people from getting sick. The most important thing residents can do right now is to wear a mask and practice social distancing.”


In Allegheny County, where bars and restaurants were shut down last week, restrictions are being loosened to allow eating and some drinking outside.